I take great pleasure in being able to welcome you to my official website. I thought that if Mrs Jones in Barnoldswick could have one about her back yard, then maybe it's about time, after over 50 years in the music biz, that I ought to have one about my backyard! I thank my many followers of many years for the amazing interest and support I have received. I do assure you that it has always been, and still is, most highly valued.

The site won't necessarily be updated on a weekly or even monthly basis, as it is more or less a place of reference. that being said, any news or information about new YouTube videos will be posted here and you'll be the first to know!

I hope I can keep things reasonably interesting for you!

Alan Haven.

Broadcaster Alan Ashton has produced a video documentary "Alan Haven - An Image".

The concept behind this video was the 1982 interview with Alan on a BBC Local radio station. It follows through to the present day and is told in his own words and music.