I take great pleasure in being able to welcome you to my official website. I thought that if Mrs Jones in Barnoldswick could have one about her back yard, then maybe it's about time, after nearly 50 years in the music biz, that I ought to have one about my backyard! I thank my many followers of many years for the amazing interest and support I have received. I do assure you that it has always been, and still is, most highly valued. I would also like to thank my super web manager (guru) Steve Carter for putting and keeping it all together.

I have to say that notwithstanding the incredible workload the new "Sitting In" album turned out to be, I feel it was well worth it. To be satisfied with, and enjoy listening to your own work is a very big bonus indeed. There is nobody pickier about me than me. As I detail on the CD's insert booklet there are also the very fine talents of many other people involved, and I make both my appreciation and admiration of their part clear. I single out in particular the MIDI programmers Gary Wachtel of Orlando in Florida USA, and Gillian Savage in England UK. I am also immensely grateful for the contribution of the two immaculately "just right" guest vocals by the always superlative Karen Elle.

I hope the "guru" and I can keep things reasonably interesting for you!

Alan Haven.