Research and Development
Good R&D is the key to staying ahead with developments in ICT systems and is rarely found in small companys. Since the mid 90s, audio streaming and downloading systems have been investigated and many innovative products developed to prove the technologies used.

Digital jukeboxes and remote switching applications are examples of some of the work that has been carried out. More recently a research and development programme was carried out to investigate a suitable solution for an interactive audio streaming service for the visually impaired. blueIRIS was the result and represents 9 months R&D before the project started. A fifteen month project followed and the technical implementation went exactly as planned; all due to thorough R&D. Working with good and reliable partners to outsource back office solutions helps development times enormously.

Rural Surround always employs open or cross platform solutions rather than being tied to 'The Microsoft Way'. Many ideas can be accelerated in their development progress and made easier for the user by using Apple based solutions; these solutions often end up being more feature rich.

Rural Surround will undertake research and development programmes to establish solutions and/or working practices for new ICT proposals and ideas. Contact us if we can assist in any way.
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