The Workshop
Recently there has been a demand for the 'old skills' as modern music embraces some of the old analogue technology to warm up its sound. The Hammond organ has never been as popular since its introduction in the 1930s. Bands are keen to get their hands on old analogue synthesisers rather than the modern 'virtual' equivalent running on a PC or Mac.

Steve Carter who owns and runs Rural Surround, grew up in the days of valves and analogue electronics and these old skills are now re-emerging as the demand to keep these old instruments going increases. Restoring a Hammond organ is a huge task but worth it; there is nothing else that sounds quite like it. An old MiniMoog synthesiser makes the modern digital synth sound puny by comparison. Old tape echo machines like the WEM Copycat are coming back into their own once more and as some haven't turned a wheel for 30-40 years, there is often quite a bit of work involved in bringing one back into its original state.

Marshall, Sound City and other old guitar amplifiers from the 60s and 70s are often seen in the workshop and Rural Surround have plenty of vintage test equipment to match the equipment under repair! The less said about the vintage of the repairer, the better!!

The Rural Surround workshop will bring your vintage equipment back to life. Most quotes for repairs are free of charge. We often have iems for sale that have been fully restored. Contact us if you want to talk old stuff.